An evening concert with T M Krishna

What a totally awesome Artist! What an evening , TM Krishna!
(@Kalikotta Palace, Tripunithura) 🙏❤️
I stood there fumbling…
Always as usual, here too I started off by sitting unfeelingly like a stone in front of music thinking…”oh I’ve heard it all before…”
Then it got to me…
Before I knew what was happening… There! It has taken me over completely!
I’m a being possessed….
This man … Sitting there… Encouraging his accompanists in between his singing with carefree gestures saying”Do anything you like, I say! Everything is OK!”
I realized as he sang that he was actually drawing, eyes closed, with sound …And it was a sort of drawing that drew you also in like an element in it’s impromptu unpredictable movement and composition…
I stood there fumbling around in my bag, racking my brain…TM stood before me suddenly and smiled.
I said as earnestly as I was feeling i

“You know … I am so happy today that I want to give you something… But what to do.. I have nothing with me at all to give you…”

“That’s OK” He said…”You can always give me a hug !”
and stretched out his arms immediately .
A warm sincere hug it was during which I said “thank you” and suddenly added ‘Stay well …”
He replied “I will”
Brave artists who don’t give a damn about staying safe and politically correct…
“Stay well” here means”Please stay safe” as well… From all kinds of hooligans and self appointed keepers of the
Moral Order…
Our tribe…We gotta rock and flourish long enough to do our jobs reasonably well…
Enough to pass on the seeds and the spirit to those who are coming here afresh…






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