No I to rue nor Eye to cry…

‘Lack of alternative’ is never a good enough reason, to promote ANY ideology that divides, nay! Rips apart, peaceable communities to consolidate its rule!

Religion is just as Political because in it’s organized form it’s also just about consolidating temporal &fiscal power through infiltration into our most vulnerable psychological and emotional zones with the need to dictate and control.

We have seen enough fascist tendencies even in our lifetimes from Soviet Russia, China, Vatican, Nazis(neo included), White Supremacists of all persuasions and over the last decades the rise of organized clusters of Neo Hindutva hooliganism

It’s supposedly ‘civilized face’ is the party in power that bedazzled so very many with its seductive narratives and rhetoric when it rose to power in 2014.


Sorry. I was not convinced
for the simple reason, I have lived in Gujarat for five years in a formative period of my life between 1985-1990 and seen far too many things first hand to be bedazzled.

Through any and all means possible they now need another term to complete their agenda of dismantling every platform of civilised dissent with muti pronged strategy.

They say “oh this hooliganism is just a passing phase and will settle soon!”

We all know that no djinn released from the confines of their bottles have ever returned to it on their own volition.

And yeah…

After dissent is neutralized sufficiently and is’ nipped in the bud ‘so to speak, at the level of school education itself to universities, mass media ,and cultural expression, everything will naturally attain to RIP repose.

Not surprising.

Because even this humble yet miraculous physical Body we inhabit has this miraculous propensity to adapt to anything short of killing it completely physically.

Especially when the poison is delivered in small regular doses.
And when the recipient is in a state of distraction.

(As you may have seen from my perhaps rather patchworked list, it’s not some single ‘anti-party ‘ tirade.
In fact, this not a tirade at all.I’m just sharing my attempt to make sense of stuff as each of us is entitled to in this time of climate change and Global warming( the best possible metaphors right now for Everything!)

Every regime on Earth has accomplished their agenda using the same mechanism with contextually relevant customizations for greater effectiveness.

What do all these Empire Builders have in common?

1. They all justify the violence they unleash as: oh just some collateral damage in a Great Cycle of Change mostly leading back to the restoration of the lofty values of a fantastic past necessarily contaminated by some filthy Other who needs now to be shown their place and kept firmly reined there ( if not removed altogether.)

2. They are all about centralizing capital and treat all of the living kingdoms including the mineral, as ‘resources to be exploited’

3. They are all, without exception, paranoid patriarchs to the core who seek total control over how we live and love* as reproduction is an important form of material production that creates as many numbers of bodies (with desirable traits) to meet a plethora of very reasonable reasons& requirements:

Like altering ‘majority-minority’ statistics and having enough foot soldiers to march for sundry causes and general cannon fodder needs (category: miscellaneous).

*Love is not at all necessary for this solemn ritualized process.
As Wislawa Szymborska said in her poem ‘True Love’:
“… perfectly good children are born without its help”

Yeah! Pretty apocalyptic.

The vision of a conflagrative Ending where Fire meets Water and consumes Earth cuts universally across all cultures.

If we are all to get there and every elevator leads to the same floor with flames dancing on all walls in a Hall of endlessly reflecting mirrors, yeah, ok! Let’s go there!

Mock goose-stepping like that dynamite beautiful dad in ‘life is beautiful’ as we pull faces, primp, perform, paint, sculpt, poetize, keep stubbornly at preserving and creating energizing loving spaces of limpid clarity to just Be and Breathe deeply amidst the bedlam …

Ranjith Raman, “Reminiscent of a Celestial Affair’,2007,Hand-embroidery with silk thread on cotton cloth,61 x 68 in 

We will go on ‘threading our needles with the narrow thread of Hope” and stitching our wise-crazy patchwork multiverse quilts with exactly all of that You deem ‘waste’.

They just might be our shrouds, right?
Never mind.

There is no I to rue nor Eye to cry once we cross over to the other side.

April 2019

PS: I wrote this in April .


Now it is December …And the Fires are wildly burning reflecting itself over and over in the Hall of Mirrors.

Whoever expects arsonists to be apologetic?






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